GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR has started since 25 May 2018. This ensures that we should inform you about the

management and use of your data.

Which data do we keep up to date?

We keep this information from our customers / suppliers at:

• Company name and / or personal name.

• Addresses.

• E-mail.

• Phone numbers.

• VAT number.

• Delivery notes, invoices & credit notes.

• Take pictures.

• Register reference information on

• Register reference information on

• Register reference information on twitter or Instagram.

These data are intended for internal use only and are not shared without explicit permission or request from the customer or supplier. We only keep the information that we really need.

Yard reference avoidances on social media are only intended as publicity.

Personal details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail addresses are never published or shared by us on social media, except on the express request or agreement of the customer or supplier.

We keep this information because we must be able to reach, inform or serve our current and future customers or suppliers to ensure a daily operation. We also must keep a part of this data on a legal basis. (VAT numbers, invoices, ...)

How long are these data kept up to date?

We keep the data as long if this is legally required. Ordinary relevant, personal information is kept for as long as it is considered appropriate to be able to do so functioning for the benefit of the client or supplier.

Right of access - right to be forgotten.

Every customer has the right to view information about him / her. This can be done appointment, as legally determined, within 30 calendar days after

receipt of the request. A request can be submitted in writing or by mail to

Your data is yours.

You decide which information you want to share with us. Wish you to delete something from our database, on our website or on our Facebook company page then you just let it know in writing or by mail

The right to be forgotten can only be exercised after the termination of the business relationship.

Cyber security.

We make a full backup of our computers and our server every day. Our systems are also fully secured internally.

Despite our own knowledge, we also work together with  and

Final rule.

We are happy to provide the best service and you are of course welcome in our company.

We thank you for your trust in ... and hope for a more pleasant one co-operation.